Bucks County Horse Park I Results

On Saturday, the skies finally cleared (mostly) for Dressage at the Bucks County Horse Park I. A long but very productive day! Highlights include: Erin Laurent and Whasabi made their Fourth Level debut, in which they scored a 64.3% and placed 2nd in 4-1! They also placed 2nd in 3-3 with a 68.8%! Olivia Banyon and Chaman made their Fourth Level debut together, placing 3rd in 4-1 with a 63.6%! They also placed 3rd in 3-3 with a 65.8%! Carolyn Laurent and Gabriella Rossellini won 3-2 with a 66.1% and placed 3rd in 4-2 with a 65.8%! Sara and HB Dschafar won 4-2 with a 68% and also won their 3rd level freestyle with a 76.6%! Beth Lambert and Sheyenne won Training 3 AA with a 68.1% and placed 2nd in Training 2 AA.

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