VADA/NOVA Spring Dressage

We had our first show of the Spring season, up north, at VADA/NOVA Spring Dressage this weekend and boy was it COLD! Wind gusts of 30mph, temperatures as low as 25 degrees and periodic snow/ice showers didn't create the ideal show environment - still, for the most part, our horses handled themselves very well. Here are the highlights! Sara rode Shanel in her second show ever, taking home High Score Award at Training Level! They placed first in 3 classes and 2nd in one with scores from 68.4-73.6% in Training 2 and 3. Check out our Sale Page for more info on Shanel. Carolyn Laurent rode Gillian Cowley's Gabriella Rossellini in her Fourth Level debut this weekend. Gabby was not such a fan of the cold temperatures but by Sunday they won 4-1 with a 64.7%! Janice Turner rode her own Talbot to High Score Award for Fourth Level with a 70% in 4-3 on Saturday! They took home blues in all four classes this weekend. Catherine Varettoni rode her new German Riding Pony, Riesling, in his first show. They found their groove on Sunday, placing first in Training 1 AA with a 66%! Kellyn Van Fossen and Sharon Ortepio's He's the Ticket made their Second Level debut, winning 2-1 with a 64%! They also placed 4th in 1-3 Open on Saturday with a 65.588% and on Sunday placed 2nd in 2-1 Open with a 60%.

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