ESDCTA Year-End Awards

And now for ESDCTA Year-End Awards:

Carolyn Laurent and Miroir Du Soleil were Champion at Training Level Open with a 72.727% median! Carolyn also achieved her ESDCTA Gold Medal.

Erin Laurent and Whasabi placed 3rd for Third Level Adult Amateur!

Sharon Ortepio and He's the Ticket received an Achievement Award at Training Level!

Carmen Paul and Ebony received an Achievement Award at Starter Walk/Trot and Starter Walk/Trot/Canter!

Ria Ple and Danny Boy received an Achievement Award at Training Level!

Debra Tomajko and Story Time placed 6th at Prix St. Georges Jr/AA/Open and won the Master's Recognition Award at Prix St Georges!

Sara Schmitt and HB Dschafar were Champion at Second Level Musical Freestyle Open with a 76.330% Median!

Catherine Varettoni and Token of My Affection were Champion First Level Adult Amateur with a 70.0% median! They were also Reserve Champion for First Level Adult Amateur Musical Freestyle!

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