GAIG/USDF Region 8 Championships @ NEDA

GAIG/USDF Region 8 Championships & NEDA Fall Festival - September 17-21, 2015


Sara and HB Dschafar placed 3rd in their 2nd Level Open Championship today with a 70.610! Olivia and Cha Cha placed 8th in their 2nd Level Adult Amateur Championship! Other highlights included Sara and Julia Greifeld's Kali scoring over 67% and finishing just out of the ribbons in 10th place in their First Level Open Championship - they also won Training 3 yesterday with a 71% and First 3 today with a 67%. Janice and Talbot placed first in 3-2 AA and placed 3rd overall in 3-3 yesterday.


Sara and Julia Greifeld's First Date scored over 67.206% and finished just out of the ribbons in 10th place in their First Level Open Championship. They also won 1-3 today with a 67.941%. Sara and Jafar placed 2nd in 2-1 with a 69.242%. Erin Laurent and Whasabi placed 3rd in 3-1 with a 63.939%.


In the Championships: Erin and Janice BOTH scored a 68.333 in their Third Level AA Championship with Erin and Whasabi taking the 4th place ribbon and Janice and Talbot 5th, Olivia and Cha Cha had many super moments including a 9 on their walk but a few bobbles to finish 14th with a 62% in a very large and competitive class. Gillian and Gabby had a very nice test, placing 8th in a very tight Third Level Jr/YR Championship with a 62.692%! Last but not least Amanda and Duco WON their First Level Jr/YR championship with a whopping 76%! Must also mention Sara and Jafar's winning 72% in their open freestyle class, Kellyn and Ticket's 70% in Training 2 and 67% in 1-3!


Amanda and Duco had another super ride to win the Second Level Jr/YR Championship with a 69+% and Gillian and Gabby had a beautiful ride in the same class to pin 5th! Catherine and Token placed 4th in the First Level MFS Championship! Sara and Jafar took the win in the 2nd Level MFS Championship with a 72+% and Gillian and Gabby placed 6th! Janice and Talbot placed 4th in the Third Level MFS Championship!

Congratulations to everyone on a super show. Proud of how horses and riders worked through success and hardship to come out on top at the end of the show!

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