Red Tail July

All of the horses were excellent at Red Tail the last 2 days. Proud of our Jr/YRs for a super show with Gillian Cowley and Gabriella Rossellini achieving the final Two scores for Gillian's USDF Bronze Medal and Amanda McAuliffe for winning High Score Jr/YR each day riding Sara's newest German Riding Pony, Leuns Veld's Duco!

Sara rode Julia Greifeld's German Riding Pony, First Date, scoring a 69% in Training 3 and a 70% in 1-3 on Tuesday and on Wednesday won Training 3 with a 70.9% and placed 2nd in 1-3 with a 73%.

Sara also competed her German Riding Pony gelding, HB Dschafar, in his first time out at Third Level, earning two qualifying scores with the highlight being 66% in 3-3 on Tuesday. Sara and Jafar also scored a 76% on Tuesday and a 74% on Wednesday in their 2nd Level Freestyle!

Gillian Cowley and Gabriella Rossellini scored a 64% and 61% on Tuesday and Wednesday in 3-1, in their first time out at Third Level. They also scored a 68% and 67% in their 2nd Level Musical Freestyle. Just a three years ago, Gabby had major surgery on her elbow and it was unsure that she would ever recover fully... while she is no longer eventing, she is back, better than ever! Congratulations Gillian!

Janice Turner and Talbot rode their new third level freestyle, scoring a 72% on Tuesday. They also won 3-3 on Tuesday with a 67%!

Amanda McAuliffe and Leuns Veld's Duco won all of their classes, scoring a 72% in 2-1 and a 69% in 2-3 on Tuesday and a 72% and 70% on Wednesday!

Erin Laurent rode Beth Lambert's Sheyenne to a 65% in 1-1 on Wednesday in Shey's first time out at First Level and a 68% in Training 3.

Carolyn Laurent rode her young horse, Miroir Du Soleil, in Training 2 and 3 with another good show ring experience, scoring a 65.9% in Training 3 and 64% in Training 2.

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