A Look Back at June

Show season came into swing full force during the month of June for many of our horses and riders. Sara has also been busy judging and teaching clinics all over the country. Things have been so non-stop that it has been difficult to find time to post all of the results until now!

Bucks County TED Schooling - June 2, 2015

Carolyn brought her young horse, Maverick, to a Tuesday Evening Dressage Schooling Show at Bucks County in the cold rain, where they scored a 70% in Training 2 and a 72% in Training 3, including a 9 on the medium walk.

Carolyn & Maverick

Elk Creek CDE - June 6-7, 2015

Sara competed her pair of Welsh Ponies, Pedr and Pryce, at Elk Creek CDE at Fair Hill, winning the Prelim Pair Pony division. Sara also brought her students Suzann Johnson and Helen Heinzer who were neck and neck thoughout the competition in the Training Level Single Horse division. In the end, Suzann placed second with Thornlea Rock Steady (aka Raffa), one point ahead of Helen with Fencerock Hailey in third place. This was Suzann and Raffa's first complete CDE together. Well done!

Raffa, Pryce & Pedr

Windy Hollow Hunt - June 6-7, 2015

Carolyn coached Amanda McAuliffe and Ucari in Amanda's first time out at Fourth Level, earning them half of Amanda's USDF Silver Medal and qualifying them for GAIG Regional Championships! Amanda and Ucari also won 4-2 on Saturday with a 64%!

Amanda & Ucari

Bucks County - June 14, 2015

Debra Tomajko rode Story Time to a 64% and first place in 4-1.

Red Tail Schooling Show - June 15, 2015 Carolyn took the group to Red Tail's first schooling show and everyone had a great time! Carmen Paul and Isabelle Harmonay both competed our fabulous Morgan, Ebony, with Carmen placing 2nd in USDF C with a 68.5% and Isabelle placed 3rd in Training 1 with a 70% and 2nd in Training 2 with a 69.1%. Kellyn Van Fossen rode He's the Ticket, placing 3rd in Training 2 with a 68.7% and scoring a 63% in Training 3. After an incredible warm-up, Carolyn rode Maverick to 3rd in Training 3 with a 66.6% despite some baby moments. Gillian Cowley rode her awesome mare Gabriella Rosselini in their first time out at First and Second Levels, scoring a 65% in Second 3 and a 69% in First 3. Denise Fant rode Dante to 3rd in 1-2 with a 64.3% and 4th in 1-3 with a 62%.

Applewood Schooling Show - June 17, 2015

Lisa Levy and Sammy won both of their Training Level classes with a 67% and 68% in Training 1 and 2. Ria Ple and Danny Boy competed in Training Level Test 2 for the first time scoring a 63%! Last but not least, Tara Kollmyer and Something Else, better known as Elsie, placed 1st and 2nd in Second Level TOC, scoring a 67.8% in 2-2 and a 64.7% in 2-3. Congratulations!

Elsie with her winnings after Applewood

Dressage at Red Tail 1 - June 20, 2015

Gillian Cowley and Gabby had a great start to the weekend, winning both of their classes and the High Score Jr/YR award. They also achieved 2 qualifying scores with a 67% in 2-3 and a 64% in 1-3.

Gillian & Gabby

Dressage at Red Tail 2 - June 21, 2015

Gillian and Gabby achived the rest of their qualifying scores at first and second level, placing 3rd in 2-3 with a 67% and 1st in 1-3 with a 71%. They also won high score Jr/YR for Red Tail 2. Sharon Ortepio competed He's the Ticket, winning Training 2 AA with a 63% and placing 2nd in Training 3 AA with a 63%. Erin Laurent rode Julia Greifeld's First Date to a 63% and 2nd place in 1-3. Debbie Gertler and Mystic and Beth Lambert and Shey competed in their first recognized show of the season; the horses were well behaved, they learned what they need to work on and there is always room for improvement.

Saddlebrook Ridge Equestrian Center - June 27, 2015

Catherine Varettoni competed Token in their first ever muscial freestyle, winning the First Level MFS class with a 69%. Gillian Cowley and Gabby won both of their classes with a 66.829% in 2-3 Jr/YR and a 63.205% in 2-2 Jr/YR. Sara rode HB Dschafar to first place in 2-3 Open with a 69.878% and Second Level MFS with a 74%. Deb Tomajko and Story Time won 4-1 and 4-2 with a 62% in 4-1. Debbie Gertler and Mystic placed third in both of their classes scoring a 61% in Training 2.

Brad Gnome made an appearance at Saddlebrook Ridge

June was also a busy month for clinics...

Sara had the opportunity to ride HB Dschafar with Lars Petersen while Carolyn rode Maverick and Janice rode Talbot with Melissa Taylor. The following weekend, Carolyn rode Maverick and Denise rode Dante with Gigi Nutter. Thank you to June Brody for organizing and having us over!

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