Vada/NOVA Spring Dressage @ Morven Park

What a fun weekend at Morven Park - a very positive learning experience for everyone. The biggest takeaways from the weekend were the importance of accuracy, taking something positive out of a negative comment and coping with 40mph winds with a smile. Of course, we an also celebrate the victories!

The team celebrating at Del Rio (fitting) after a busy day

Day 1: We were thrilled with the results from Day 1 at Morven Park! Janice Turner rode her new horse Talbot in their first show, placing 2nd in 3-2 with a 66%! Carolyn Laurent also competed Talbot in 4-2, winning the class with a 68.75% and placed 3rd in 4-1 with a 62.5%!

Janice & Talbot

Olivia Banyon rode Cha Cha in their first Third Level test, placing 2nd with a 62.6%! They also won 2-3 AA with a 62%! Catherine Varettoni and Token of My Affection placed 2nd in 1-2 with a 66! Last but not least Kellyn Van Fossen and Tanna placed 3rd in 1-1 and 6th in 1-2 with a 63.7%!

Token of My Affection

Honorable mention to Carolyn's young horse, Miroir du Soleil aka Maverick, for behaving very well in his first time schooling at a show! We were also incredibly happy to run into Mary Callan and Boomer looking fabulous as always.

Sara with Mary Callan & Boomer

Day 2: Huge congratulations to Olivia Banyon for earning the final score for her USDF Bronze Medal yesterday when she and Cha Cha placed 2nd in 3-3 with a 64.697%!

Sara with Olivia and Cha Cha

Another congratulations to Janice Turner and Talbot, who WON 3-2 with a 70.256%! They also placed 2nd in 3-2 with a 66.154%. At the end of the weekend, Carolyn and Talbot were awarded the High Score at Fourth Level!

Sara with Janice & Talbot

Catherine and Token won 1-2 AA with a 69.844% yesterday and earned a qualifying score for regionals! Kellyn and Tanna placed 4th in 1-3 Open with a 65.441% and in 1-1 placed 4th with a 62%!

Kellyn & Tanna

Maverick had a positive learning experience at his first show. Carolyn rode him HC in two tests to get him in the ring and he tried very hard in an intimidating atmosphere - warm up was excellent and the quality movements in the tests outweighed the young horse moments.

Maverick at his first show

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